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4 Co-Working Space Providers In India

CoWorking Spaces / Offices

The concept of coworking spaces has taken the work environment by a storm. Not long ago, working out of an independent office was a dream for many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesspeople. However, with ever rising number of options available in co-working sector, an entrepreneur can now work out of their independent space for as little as ₹4000-6000 per month (USD 80-100).

India is actively encouraging entrepreneurship and startups across the country is creating a global mark. Coworking spaces across India are on the rise, and today we will take a look at 4 coworking spaces that is helping Indian entrepreneurs significantly.

Let’s take a look at 4 Co-Working Spaces In India:

Bombay Connect

 Bombay Connect - Coworking spaces in Mumbai

Bombay Connect is one of the oldest co-working space provider in India. Its member base includes a wide variety of startups. Freelancers form a huge chunk of Bombay Connect’s community. Bombay Connect in a true sense has spearheaded the co-working culture in India.

It maintains contacts with other co-working space providers to offer its community best available resources and an opportunity to communicate with fellow entrepreneurs.

USP of Bombay Connect

  • A very diverse community of professionals from various sectors. Ex – ed tech, food tech, fashion tech, social enterprises, e-Commerce, architecture, etc.
  • As they have been in this industry for a really long time, they keep a good balance between service and connection.
  • Bombay Connect doesn’t screen the start-up companies. Anyone can use their services.


BHIVE, spread out across Bengaluru is preferred by hundreds of entrepreneurs, consultants, and freelancers. Home of some of the most prestigious startups, BHIVE in a true sense can be called as a happening workspace.

Over 200 startups trust BHIVE for their working space requirements. At BHIVE you get a chance to work alongside unicorn startups such as Paytm and Uber.


  • Super fast Internet connectivity with all essential amenities.
  • They help you connect with service providers like financial companies, banks, advertisers, and other service partners you may need.
  • All the offices are located in prime localities making commuting easier.

Wired Hub

Wired Hub is enabling the entrepreneurial community of Jaipur to take their dreams to next level. The scope of networking is limited in Jaipur and Wired Hub was started with the aim to make entrepreneurs collaborate with bloggers, artists, and other freelancers for mutual benefit.

USP of Wired Hub

  • Wired Hub follows a club culture. They provide an informal setting which is essential to work in a diversified ecosystem.
  • They host events and arrange a meeting over a cup of coffee.


InstaOffice has seven centers spread across Bengaluru and Delhi. They provide a diverse and strong community for connection. Various start-up companies benefit from their standard services.

InstaOffice has users across a broad variety of sectors like recruitment firms, tech startups, freelancers, large corporations, professional consultants, e-Commerce, transportation, AI analytics, SMEs, etc.

USP of InstaOffice

  • InstaOffice provides a mentor board which advises the members about the challenges and growth for their particular businesses.
  • They organize events according to the client’s need and also connect them with experts.
Sanjit Kumar Purve

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