Friday, September 22, 2023

4 Excellent Reasons to Consider Entering Jungian Psychoanalysis

Life for many people is not an unbroken string of happy events. There are times when life throws a curve or two, and it’s difficult to get things back on track. While some eventually manage to do so with the support of family and friends, others may find that professional support is needed. If you’re experiencing any of the following, deciding to seek Jungian psychoanalysis┬áis worth the effort.

Unable to Shake Depression After a Trauma

Traumatic events come in many forms. It’s not unusual for mild to moderate depression to accompany those events. They may involve the loss of a much loved job. Perhaps the end of a relationship is what has brought on the depression. The death of someone who is important to you can also have a serious impact.

For many people, the depression begins to fade within a few weeks or months. Others find that it intensifies, making them feel as if there will be no end to what’s going on. At that juncture, seeking help from a professional is a smart move. The aid provided may help you slip out of this mode and begin to pull your life together again.

The Development of Anxiety Disorders

There are many causes for anxiety disorders. They may be reactions to certain medications, or the result of nutritional or chemical imbalances. They may also be triggered by trauma. When all physical origins are ruled out, that means the origin of the anxiety is most likely psychological.

The great thing about analysis is that you can become familiar with a number of ways to cope with the anxiety, effectively defusing it and slowly moving past it. In the meantime, access to an analysis provides you with more than a means of learning how to regain control; you also have a safe place to go and vent about your frustration with anxiety. Your analyst will also be a willing listener when you have events to share in which you experienced an attack but ultimately floated through and felt better.

Dealing With Habits That Hold You Back

Habits of all types are easy to develop and not so easy to discard. With habits that add to the quality of life, you want to keep them at all costs. Any habits that complicate your life and make it harder to enjoy yourself need to go. That’s where Jungian psychoanalysis has the potential to make a difference.

With help, it’s possible to explore how those habits developed and why they continue to linger. Once it becomes clear that they no longer serve any purpose, assuming they did at some point, the patient can begin to counter them with other habits that are more affirming and useful.

Moving Past an Obsession

Obsessions of all types can develop. They may be centered around another person, some sort of behavior, or even have to do with inanimate objects. Whatever the form that an obsession takes, it tends to limit the ability to get the most out of life.

With professional counseling, it’s possible to look more objectively at the obsession and begin to detach from it. Doing so means freeing more time and energy for other things that bring real rather than imagined joy.

Whatever is troubling you, know that seeking help from a professional is often the most practical strategy. Try analysis for a few weeks and see what happens. The difference may be just enough to convince you that things are now heading in the right direction.

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