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    4 Ways to Evaluate MacBook Air 15-inch 2023

No doubt! In the tech gossips, MacBook Air 15-inch 2023 is the prominent topic and rightly so because it is going to revamp your routine digitally. Furthermore, this stunning gadget was announced at the WWDC 2O23 and since then, it has taken the tech world by storm. Additionally, from students to professionals, it is appropriate for everyone wanting to bring ease in his/her professional life.

Yes, with having superb specs, it is also very capable for heavy gaming, so it means that acquiring it is the right step when it comes to upgrade your laptop. Additionally, with having large screen, it also has the slimline design making it reasonably lightweight that also ensures easily mobility. Below are few practical ways of examining this MacBook Air, so begin evaluating this gadget properly before buying it.

1-Price & Availability of MacBook Air 15-inch

Let’s get straight to its pricing and it begins at $1,299, so fill-up your wallet accordingly to enjoy using this great laptop this year. This stunning gadget by Apple was declared at the WWDC on June 5 of this year with other awaited items by Apple. The pre-ordering has started and it is about to get on sale globally on 13th of June 2023, so wherever you are, you can purchase it easily. Interestingly, the starting price is $200 up than the 13-inch Macbook Air M2 and this new MacBook is available in 4 different colors such as space gray, silver, starlight and midnight. Additionally, the base model of Macbook Air 15-inch has the brand’s M2 chip having the 8 CPU as well as 10 GPU cores. Indeed, it is very essential to find laptops on Amazon too and keep in mind that you also acquire markdowns once you succeed in getting the Amazon UAE coupon code.

2-Let’s Evaluate it in Design

According to the brand, the latest MacBook Air happen to be the 11.5mm thin that makes it the skinniest 15-inch laptop in the world. Furthermore, the brand also stated the latest MacBook Air is almost 40% thinner and partial a pound lighter than a similar PC laptop available in the market.

3- Let’s Check out its Specs

As you begin with its RAM, you find it going up-to 24GB with having the webcam of 1080p and the battery life is up-to 18 hours claimed by the company. Furthermore, the chipset is brand’s M2 8-core CPU/10-core GPU whereas the display is 15.3-inch Liquid Retina, “the specification this gadget is famous for globally”.

4-Let’s Evaluate its Performance

This amazing gadget by the brand has the M2 chip, that initially came in previous year’s MacBook Pro 13-inch as well as MacBook Air. Additionally, the brand claims its latest MacBook Air to be the 12 times faster compared to the Intel-centered MacBook Air. Apple also claims the new MacBook Air is as fast as the 15-inch PC laptop having the Core i7 processor and never forget to praise its battery to last at least 18 hours. It means that whether you can have long sessions of work and fun on this amazing laptop.

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