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A Guide to Selecting Glasses Frames for Women


Eyes are the window to your soul, and you want them to be as beautiful as possible, so you wear glasses if your vision isn’t what it should be. If you’re in the market for new glasses frames, there are many different styles and shapes of glasses that suit different types of faces well; some look better on rounder faces, others on squarer ones, and so on. Vooglam‘s guide to selecting glasses frames for women will help you find just the right shape of glasses frame to accentuate your best features and disguise any shortcomings you may have.

Choosing the Right Frame Color for Women’s Glasses

If you’re buying glasses frames for women, it’s important to consider the shape and the color. For example, if you have a round face, you might want to avoid wearing glasses frames that are too dark or bright—they can make your face appear even rounder. On the other hand, if you have an oval face, glasses frames with darker colors (like brown or black) will complement your facial features. Also, keep in mind that glasses frames for women come in different shapes and sizes; pick a pair of glasses frames that fits your face and complements your coloring.

Choose glasses frames based on eye size: Some people wear glasses because they have larger eyes, while others wear them because their eyes are smaller than average. In either case, there is a variety of styles available to accommodate various eye sizes; therefore, it’s important to select glasses frames based on how large or small your eyes are. For example, glasses frames with bigger lenses tend to be better suited for smaller eyes, while glasses frames with thinner lenses work well for those with larger eyes. Consider glasses frame width: Like lens size, glasses frame width matters when selecting glasses frames for women. Wider glasses tend to look better on people with wider faces; conversely, narrower glasses look better on those with narrow faces.

Oval Faces

If you have an oval face, it’s best to avoid glasses with too much width. Oval faces are already on the wider side, so placing anything in front of your face will only make it appear wider. Glasses with a wide bridge can help prevent a narrow or pointy chin by balancing your overall facial shape. So when choosing glasses frames for women with an oval face, look for ones that create a uniform appearance across your face. Your eye doctor can help you find glasses frames for women that work well with your unique facial structure. It’s also important to consider how wearing glasses might affect your hairstyle. For example, if you typically wear your hair up, glasses with thin temples and earpieces may be more flattering than large-framed glasses. It would be best to think about whether you want rimless glasses frames for women or full-rimmed ones—and what color and material would work best for your style.

Many people with oval faces like to wear glasses with tortoiseshell rims, which helps balance out their features. And while they’re generally considered casual, some styles of glasses frames for women even lend themselves well to professional settings.

Round Faces: Because round faces tend to be smaller than other face shapes, they benefit from larger glasses frames for women that fill out their features. Glasses frames for women with thick or bold temple pieces can define your face and draw attention away from its rounded shape. On round faces, glasses should complement your natural bone structure rather than compete against it.

Square Faces: Glasses frames for women with square faces are similar to those worn by people with heart-shaped faces.

Many stylists recommend picking glasses that have curved edges instead of straight lines because they soften a square jawline and emphasize cheekbones.

Heart-Shaped Faces

There are only so many shapes that glasses frames can have, but if you’re a woman with a heart-shaped face (you know it when you see it), there are some things you should consider before buying glasses. Consider a few factors instead of simply opting for any pair that catches your eye. The shape of your face should play heavily into your decision—and remember that some frames look best on certain face shapes and not others. For example, a square or rectangular frame will look great on a long or oval face but might make someone with a rounder face appear even rounder. And don’t forget about color!

A bold-colored frame might complement someone with an already strong facial structure, while those who want something more subtle may prefer something in black or brown. Whatever your choice, always make sure you feel comfortable wearing them—because you’ll be doing plenty of that.

To properly judge glasses frames for women, several factors are worth considering. For example, a woman with a heart-shaped face will likely want to opt for something more angular and less rounded than someone with a rounder face.

Additionally, if you have an oval or long face shape, you may want to choose a pair of glasses that’s wider on top and narrower on the bottom—this will help balance out your facial features. Of course, you should always consider color before buying glasses, no matter what shape your face is. After all, everyone has different tastes when it comes to eyewear! Some women prefer subtle colors like black or brown, while others may enjoy bolder hues like red or blue. Either way, make sure you feel comfortable wearing them.

Now that you know how to select glasses frames for women, why not look at some great examples? It’s easy to find photos of celebrities sporting their new specs—and sometimes even find out where they got them from! And don’t forget about shopping Vooglam; there are plenty of glasses you can find great deals on fashionable glasses frames for women! Enjoy!S

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