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6 Big Startups That Started In Co-Working Spaces

Co-Working Spaces & Offices

If you have second doubts about the idea, well believe it or not these well-known companies have succeeded through working out of coworking spaces!

Let’s take a look at their stories and be inspired on how they made it through from being a startup to a super successful multi-billion dollar businesses.


Co-Working Spaces & Offices

Of course, who wouldn’t know Instagram, an application where you can share photos and short videos to your followers! Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, co-founders of Instagram, have developed this application in a coworking facility named Dogptach Labs. Probably, without the vigorous environment of Dogpatch Labs, Instagram wouldn’t have been materialized.


Co-Working Spaces & Offices

Uber, a transport service application and a pioneer in the sharing economy, was co-founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick. It has all started when Camp had a hard time getting a ride on a holiday season and because of this experience, he came up with an idea that lead to the development of Uber which is a worldwide used ride sharing service nowadays. What you might not know is the truth that quite some part of Uber has evolved in coworking spaces namely The Yard and Rocketspace .


Co-Working Spaces & Offices

Spotify, a music streaming service that was founded by Daniel Ek, is used by millions of people all around the globe now. In addition, just like Instagram and Uber it has also started its humble beginnings in a coworking space particularly in Rocketspace.


Co-Working Spaces & Offices

This famous crowdfunding platform which was founded by Danae Ringelmann, has also originated from a co-working space in San Francisco, California. This site is for start-up entrepreneurs seeking to test, crowdsource, and finance their ideas. Facetiously, this portal has been used to fund businesses based in coworking facilities themselves.


Co-Working Spaces & Offices

Hootsuite was born out of Ryan Holmes frustration about having to log into numerous social accounts to carry out advertising campaigns. He embarked to build a platform able to merge multiple accounts. He was able to do this while working in Rocketspace in San Francisco.


Co-Working Spaces & Offices

Working in Rocketspace, co-founders of Duolingo Luis Von Ahn and Severin Hacker were able to develop this language-learning website. What’s more about this platform is that all of its language courses are given free of charge!

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