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Famous Ancient Greek Girl and Boy Names

Having a newly born baby is one of the greatest joys of mothers all around the world. If you are considering a cute name for your baby, you can try out naming your baby with one of the Amazing Ancient Greek names. They composed of only one name. In the 11th and 12th century, others such as father’s name or kinship were also included for identification and uniqueness purposes. There are several Greek Boy Names for parents to choose from. Examples are Christian, Castor, Alexis, Andrew, Argus.

There are several justifications for the need of naming your baby with a very nice and classy name since the name is what the child will be identified with for his lifetime. Ancient Greek Female and Male Names vary in millions with several examples depending on the parent’s choice. It has gained wide usage not only in Greece and the USA, but also in all other parts of the world, including Africa. Greek Girl Names have been highly prioritized in the USA and it has been widely used since the past centuries. Examples are Amara, Alexandra, Arianna, Celena.

Indeed, Greek Names are very classy and beautiful. They have really inspired the lives of many since the past centuries. Great literature personalities like Shakespeare’ loved citing Famous Ancient Greek Girl and Boy Names in his books and plays. Some of his common names are Aaron, Adam, Edward, Jessica, Miranda, Malvolio, Nerissa and Perdita. Regardless that it’s old, there are always some Common and Cool Greek Names for parents to choose from like Arete, Angela, Chloe, Catherine, Alexander, Andrew, Cletus, Sophia, Zoe, among others. These ancient names are still widely used up till this moment. More users of Greek Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names were mostly found in Egypt amongst the Trismegistos people. Parents could easily search from the wide availability of Greek Baby Names to name their babies that would suit their family personalities.

Greek Names with Meanings are the perfect choices when deliberating of naming a child. These meanings sound very polite and they are also unique as well. For instance, Theodosios which can be translated in English as a gift of God, Leonidas means the son of the Lion. These names have unique suffixes that portray an extra meaning to the name. For example, Eugene which means born lucky, Agot which means good hearted, Alexander means defender of man, Rastus which means the loving, and Quinn which means fifth born child.

Greek Nicknames and Surnames have special meanings that depicts the ancestral origin and also family history of an individual. Examples of Greek ancestral names are Adamos which means son of Adam, Angelos which is translated as Angel, Drakos which means Dragon, Kouris demonstrates a person’s personality as someone who lives in a forest, and Samara which indicates a person’s occupation as a Saddle maker. The prefix of a person’s surname can also depict his occupation or other special characters of the person. Greek Women and Men Names usually consist of their first name, their patronymic and a family name. Women always change their names to that of their husband’s. It is referred to as the genitive. Old and Most Popular Greek Names such as Alexander, Dionysios were reformed in order to conform with modern English. For instance, Alexander was transformed to Helen in modern English, Dionysios was also transformed to Denis.

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