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9 Points Checklist For Those Looking To Rent A Co-Working Space

How To Choose A Co-Working Space

Have you had enough working at home? Or have you been looking for a space where you can do your work comfortably? Joining co-working offices is the trend for entrepreneurs nowadays as it has a lot of perks, affordable workplace for startup business owners, easy access to support system, and it help develops interpersonal skills too!

However, choosing a coworking space is not that easy as this industry is growing, many new co-working spaces are being set up. As a first timer, most of us may have doubts about working out of a co-working space. We are here to simplify your selection process.

Let’s take a look at some of the essential factors you must consider when choosing a co-working space:

1. Environment

An environment conducive to working must be the first thing to be regarded for it is going to be your second home. It is a place where you spend your time doing what you ought to do. Nobody wants to stay in an office where there are many distractions that you won’t be able to concentrate.

2. Amenities

A co-working space that provides you with amenities that boost your working experience is another factor you must take into consideration.

You should raise questions to yourself like, “Does it have a place where you could chill once in a while?”, “Does it suit your taste?” These are some of the questions you should take note.

Remember that having great amenities motivates you to go to the office every day and work effectively.

3. Budget

Most of startup entrepreneurs have a very tight budget as they are still beginning on their own so one of the significant factors to keep in mind is budget. Make sure that the space you are going to hire doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

4. Location

Is the location of the coworking space accessible for you and your potential clients? This factor indeed shapes the decision of many, if most of your clients are from your local city then it makes sense to opt for a co-working space that’s near to major business centers. However, there’s going to be a drawback as co-working centers in prime locations will be expensive.

5. Availability

You have to check if the co-working office is available for work 24 hours a day. Most people work well within their own time zones, so choose a co-working space that adjusts to your time.

Also check if they are open on weekends and other holidays.

6. Security

Having a safe and secured working environment is one thing you must consider.  If you plan to work late at night then you must choose a co-working space that will take care of security needs.

7. Internet Connection

Is the internet speed enough at the working area? To work efficiently you need a stable, fast, and reliable internet connection. Make sure to test internet speed and connection first before deciding to make a contract with the co-working space.

8. Any Additional Fees

You’ve got to clarify with the co-working space owner if there exists any additional cost that needs to be paid. Additional cost can be something like maintenance or extra charges for working on weekends. So, always clarify this with your co-working space owner. Being informed with this, you won’t be shocked when the day of payment comes.

9. Trial Period

Before making the final decision of making a contract with the co-working space, see to it that you can try the space out to avoid making a wrong choice. Sometimes, these spaces may be only good superficially.

These are just some of my suggestions; it is still up to you to balance your preference in choosing a co-working space. Remember, it’s always better to ask any question you may have, so that you won’t regret about your choice later. Happy Co-Working Space Hunting!

Sanjit Kumar Purve

Sanjit Kumar Purve is a Digital Consultant based out of Bangalore. He is an avid writer with expertise in Content Marketing, Facebook Marketing, and Instagram Marketing.