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How to Enter the Code and Get Started with Peacock TV

  1. Visit your web browser or open the Peacock app on your device.
  2. Enter your email address associated with your Peacock account and click“Continue”.
  3. Input the activation code, found on your device or from the email you should have received from Peacock after registration.
  4. Click“Activate”to complete the process and gain access to all of Peacock’s features.

Now that you’ve entered your code and activated Peacock TV

you are ready to start streaming. The wide selection of movies, TV series, sports programming, news coverage, documentaries, and more available on the platform gives you plenty of options for entertainment. It’s up to you to explore all of them.

To make searching for content easier

take advantage of Peacock’s robust search engine by entering keywords that describe the type of content you are looking for. Once you find something you like, just click on it and begin streaming!

If you have any questions about getting started with Peacock TV

take a look at its help section or contact the customer service team for more assistance. With the activation code entered you are ready to start watching all your favorite shows and movies on Peacock TV. Enjoy!

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Now that you have an activated Peacock TV account

it’s time to put the service to use. To do so, you need to link your account with whatever device you plan on streaming from. This can be done by activating your Peacock TV subscription on the device itself or by using a code generated within your profile settings. If you are planning on using a smart TV, Xbox One, AppleTV, or Roku media player then you will want to activate the Peacock app through the menu of options available on each respective device. With all four devices, simply open up the official app store and find/download the free Peacock app. Once downloaded, open up the app and select

“Sign In.” Once you have selected the sign-in option

you will be prompted to enter a series of numbers or an activation code. This is where your profile settings come into play. From your profile settings page select “Devices & Settings” then select the device that you are planning on using for Peacock and hit the green “Activate Device” button to generate a unique activation code just for that device. Copy this code and paste it into the field provided within your TV’s app window and your device should now be activated with your Peacock account! Now that your Peacock account is successfully linked to whichever device you chose, simply scroll through all of the movies

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and television shows are available to start your watching experience! If streaming is not an option, PeacockTV also offers an HD-quality download to save content for offline viewing. If you are looking for help setting up your device to stream Peacock TV or have any other questions regarding the service please feel free to reach out to their customer support team which is available 24/7.

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