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How to Start in Amazon FBA- A beginner’s Guide

Hello Newbies, Let’s Get started to the course

Amazon turns out to be a trustworthy place for many customers around the globe. It is a platform that works on customer service relations and has proven to be the best customer-driven business. As a beginner, you may start selling your services related to product assistance in accordance with the price, quality, seasonality, etc. Once you develop an interest in working in this particular affiliate marketing domain you need to do the registration at first.

How to Get Registered?

Before going into the registration part one has to decide what to choose in between a single item selling or multiple item selling. Both the professional and individual plans are having different registration costs respectively.

  • Requirements for your Registration

The essentials you need to have for your registration part is as follows:

üBank Details

üNational Identification Card

üContact Details

üInformation regarding Tax

Selling Fee Structure on Amazon

When you start selling on amazon you have to pay certain fees, depending on the model you are having as per the requirement of Amazon. These include subscription charges at the top followed by selling charges, FBA charges, and shipping charges respectively.

üThe subscription charges are the fee you are paying for the plan you have selected. The charges may vary in accordance with the selected plan either professional or individual.

üSelling charges are those which are charged as per your product sold.

üWhen you ask amazon for the shipping service for your product you have to pay shipping charges to the company.

üFBA stands for fulfilled by amazon and this includes the services like product storage and fulfillment of your orders rendered by amazon itself. For this, you have to pay FBA charges to the company.

Once you got to know about the charges required to pay to sell on amazon your next step could be the seller account.

How to make your seller central account?

After getting yourself registered on amazon as a seller, your access to the seller central account is permitted. This is a platform where you got to work on a series of platforms like product listing. The information that comes under product listing is the title, bullet points, and description of the product. Under this category, you also need to work on keyword research as well.

Once you display your product on your seller central account you need to pave your way toward the product delivery section.

Let’s get your product delivered

In order to shopper your product you either have to go for merchant fulfillment or amazon fulfillment. In this prior art, one has to do all the delivery process by him and in the later part, the delivery work is done by the Amazon itself. The Amazon fulfillment part is more convenient as it gets you off from the product storage and shipment hassle.

Making your first sale is indeed a great milestone for you but is actually the first step towards opportunities of earning profits in the world of affiliate business marketing. You can have your all insight regarding the best amazon FBA course right here!

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