Friday, July 19, 2024

Matching the Eaton DM1 to Modern HVAC

Every major mechanical system in multiple industries is seeing exponential increases in demand. Regardless of the equipment type, demand is being driven by higher capacity expectations, larger populations, stricter regulations and more. Combined, the cocktail of demands cranks out higher minimum thresholds for energy efficiency and output. However, to make all the above work, energy management going into the equipment is essential. This is where using the right variable frequency drive makes a world of difference.

A Long-term Power Management Tool

VFDs are not a new invention; they’ve been around and have been part of industrial power management for four decades. They are also a bread-and-butter tool for energy efficiency matched to industrial equipment, like HVAC systems, for example. Fan and pump systems are particularly well-suited for VFD applications. Time and again, VFDs have significantly boosted a given system’s energy efficiency. So, is the matter as simple as just connecting any VFD and calling it a day? Not quite.

Stepping Ahead of the Curve with Eaton

Modern HVAC systems as well as fan and pump systems run on increasingly more and more challenging variable power flows. The torque applications are regularly changing and, if not controlled correctly, eventually wears down the parts. To offset this inevitable damage, many pieces of equipment include consumables, parts designed to wear out and be replaced regularly to avoid serious damage to the more costly permanent parts. VFDs can also make a difference, especially when using a high-grade VFD like the Eaton DM1.

Add in the modern technology in the latest HVAC systems, and now VFDs have to be matched to multiple computer sensors as well. That includes motor temperature controls, humidity sensors, electricity flow safety monitors, and more. All of that is part of the mix that a VFD now has to mesh with, requiring a higher level of complexity in the management of energy passing through to power the HVAC reliably.

Built-in Anticipation of Complex Power Management

The Eaton DM1 is a massive leap forward and above the standard far available for VFD options. One of the key factors that helps is the Eaton Active Energy Control feature in the DM1 and other VFDs that are produced by the company. This particular advantage automatically applies constant tuning and configuration tuning as the power flow changes over time while the HVAC is running, particularly during peak hours and demand.

At Seagate Controls we can help you upgrade your VFD applications for your HVAC systems, utilizing the Eaton DM1 and similar options from Eaton for a far better match of your energy cost to expected output. In fact, we would go so far as to say with Eaton you will easily improve it as well as lower your power costs drawn from your HVAC system’s monthly operation. Our specialists can go through all the options and design before choice and installation, playing out all the scenarios of how an Eaton VFD can make a measurable difference. This is the difference Seagate Controls provides in ongoing customer support. We don’t just retail Eaton VFDs, we partner with you in how to use and benefit long-term from Eaton’s high-quality products.

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