Friday, July 19, 2024

The Eaton DM1 is a Perfect Match for Conveyor Systems

As a variable frequency drive, the Eaton DM1 provides a powerful punch with a drive system that is both compact and at the same time versatile. When combined with a conveyor belt, the DM1 really shows its capacity and strength in providing the ability to run the belt system at different speeds without hiccups. Not only is the DM1 able to manage the changing speeds and torque as needed to handle weight differences on the belt, it continues to run consistently on both normal load and overload without lagging.

Load-Bearing Belt Drives Suffer with Unpredictable Weight Changes

A common problem with conveyor belts, especially those dealing with packages and material that have significant variance in weight, is the irregular changing throws of the belt drive’s ability to maintain a consistent speed. That’s not the case with the Eaton DM1. Instead, the DM1 provides a predictable, constant drive and speed, even with an overload as much as 150 percent normal capacity. Even better, the DM1’s size and design allow it to be installed in tight configurations without problems, including out of sight matched to conveyors versus being obvious and in the way of access.

Clearly, a significant advantage of the Eaton DM1 includes its ability to run a conveyor belt efficiently, far better and with less input power demand than the traditional setup of multiple small motors up and down the same conveyor belt trying to perform the same task. That translates into serious operational savings, both in terms of parts and maintenance as well as facility utility power costs as well.

Given the changing demands of today’s warehouse facilities and material movement operators, having a conveyor belt drive one can depend on, regardless of what is thrown at it makes a huge difference in physical operations and product movement. Delays mean time lost. Time lost means product movement stopped and that in turn reduces sales and revenue. Everything becomes interrelated, and there’s no need for losses when they can be prevented by simply utilizing quality equipment and VFDs to begin with. This paradigm is only going to continue. The increased dependency on automation, e-commerce and distance inventory control and shipping will only add to the expectations for warehouses to deliver on. Eaton makes it possible every day, 24/7.

Eaton VFD Product Support Above and Beyond Just a Standard Acquisition

There are plenty of industrial electronic product providers on the market. However, that doesn’t mean that the best quality VFDs are offered through those channels. Most times, they work on price competition. That said, when it comes time for installation guidance or customer support, there is an uncomfortable silence or crickets on the other end of the support line.

Seagate Controls sets itself apart by regularly working with, providing and supporting Eaton products, including the Eaton DM1 family. Our specialists are specifically trained and versed in the nuances and details of all Eaton products carried, and we regularly provide extended support and assistance with planning, design, model testing, installation, configuration, troubleshooting and ongoing product support for the DM1 and other Eaton products provided through us.

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