Sunday, November 27, 2022

Time to Winterize: Waterville Irrigationinc

If you live in Ohio, then you know and understand how hard the winter months can be on your lawn, landscaping, and property in general. When it comes to Sprinkler Companies Perrysburg and Irrigation Services Perrysburg, the professionals at Waterville Irrigation have the skills and equipment to winterize your entire system. If you do not already have an irrigation system in place, Waterville Irrigation also offers an array of other services, including Irrigation System Installation Perrysburg.

Winterizing Your System

When it comes to winterizing your irrigation sprinkler system, the professionals at Waterville irrigation will shut off the water supply to your system. The main shutoff valve for your irrigation system must be protected throughout the entire winter so that no freezing occurs. This can rupture and damage the pipes and other equipment associated with your irrigation and sprinkler system. They will ensure that your system is wrapped properly in a foam type of insulation by using a plastic bag and foam insulation tape along with it to ensure that your system is kept warm and toasty throughout the chilly Ohio winter months. If your system does not have a main shutoff valve, the technicians from Waterville irrigation can install one for you.

It is imperative that you stay in control of your system throughout the winter months. This means if you have an automated system, you will need to have the controller or timer of your system shut down for the winter months. Most controllers also have a rain mode which will shut off the signals to the valves, so they stop working when they need to. The controller continues to keep time, yet the programming information is still present, and this clock continues to operate throughout the winter. The change that the technicians from Waterville Irrigation will make is to change it up so that the valves will not activate during the winter and cause a very frozen and dangerous situation for your system. This will help prevent the possibility of the pump to your system being turned on accidentally, which can then cause damage from overheating. There is an alternative to using the rain mode since you can simply shut off the power to the controller. If you take that route, you just need to remember that it will need to be reprogrammed for the correct time and other settings as well when springtime rolls around. The professionals at Waterville Irrigation can assist with that also.

Contact Us

Our irrigation and sprinkler specialists at Waterville Irrigation are prepared to drain the pipes of your system and ensure that the valves and backflow preventors are in place to protect your system throughout the winter. Waterville Irrigation is locally owned and operated so you will be provided with the personalized service that Waterville Irrigation is known for. Call today for an appointment to have an irrigation system installed or to have your current system winterized properly so you can have the peace of mind you need and deserve over the winter months.

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