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What You Should Know About Link Building?

Link building basics

Link building is amongst the practises in SEO and digital marketing. The number of relevant and quality backlinks a website has is an estimate of its reputation in the online space. Search engines tend to value the backlinks a website has, as it is further proof of its quality and reliability.

In large brands and companies with highly structured digital marketing setups, there are entire teams of SEO specialists in charge of creating relevant backlinks. Search visibility is an important metric for any given digital marketers, indicative in many ways of the success or failure of the overall campaign.

The main challenge in link building is creating relevant backlinks that actually help improve the SEO optimality of a website or blog. For example, if a sports blog has a backlink from a highly trafficked healthcare website, the backlink is not relevant and may end up causing more harm than good. At the same time, a high DA blog getting backlinks from several low DA websites online of the same niche is not helpful either and ends up getting the blog downgraded.

In this article, we discuss link building basics that are crucial for improving the DA of a website and simultaneously causing a rise in search rankings.

Types of Backlinks – Do Follow and No Follow

Backlinks are primarily of two types – do follow and no follow.

Do follow backlinks are those that end up crediting the website being linked and pass on link juice. Many article submissions websites offer do follow backlinks that help bloggers develop their DA and improve search ranking.

No follow backlinks are the exact opposite and do not pass on any link juice in a given backlink.

While the general perception is to go after do follow backlinks only, most experienced SEO specialists would suggest rightly that a mix of both do follow and no follow backlinks.

Types of Link Building Techniques

There are a number of link building techniques digital marketers can use to create backlinks. Some important ones are –

  • Guest Posting

Guest posting is a link building technique that involves posting articles and blogs on other websites as guest authors and getting a backlink in return. Many websites across different domains allow bloggers and marketers to write guest posts and direct some traffic to their own website says Delhi Courses.

  • Blog Commenting

Blog commenting, as the name suggests, refers to a technique that involves bloggers commenting on blog posts and gaining a backlink as a result. In order to build backlinks quickly, blog commenting is an ideal technique. Like guest posting, blog commenting also has to be preceded by a lot of research into websites that offer backlinks through blog comments.

  • Forum Posting

Besides prime social media channels, there also exist many other niche forums discussing specific topics. Every domain has its own set of popular forums. By posting on a forum, depending on the guidelines of the forum in question, a backlink is given.

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers link building basics that digital marketers in the field should know.

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