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Why Should You Be An Entrepreneur Atleast Once In Your Lifetime?

Why Should You Be An Entrepreneur

A lot has been said about entrepreneurship, every now and then you hear of global level seminars and multi-billion dollar fundings. Before proceeding any further let me make myself clear, I am no wizard, nor am I someone super successful. I am an ordinary freelance writer with a dream to make something big out of my life.

This topic “Why Should You Be An Entrepreneur Atleast Once In Your Lifetime?” has been troubling me for sometime, so today I finally decided to write about it.

I came to Bangalore in the year 2012 and enrolled in a prestigious engineering college for a degree in Automobile, I dropped out in fourth semester but in these four semesters I experienced entrepreneurship first hand. In my first year I along with a batchmate of mine started (50-50 partnership), it was a platform for listing cars and bikes. Very soon I sold my 40% to another batchmate for approx. ₹6000, my profit was about ₹3000, the first thing I did with one of the notes is:

Why Should You Be An Entrepreneur

Why Should You Be An Entrepreneur

I have these notes even today, even though they are no longer valid. My 40% stake sale to another friend wasn’t the normal multi-million or billion dollar deal that is a standard norm. However, this small transaction firmed up my belief in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship opened up a new world of opportunities and helped me see the bigger picture. Let me list out few points on “Why each one of us should be an entrepreneur atleast once in our lifetime”:

1. Failure Make You Stronger

Most people avoid entrepreneurship for the fear of failure. Yes, even I have read many articles and facts stating that 9 out 10 startups fail. So what??? 10% chances of success is extremely good enough. If you feel you have a scalable idea for which you can get paying clients, go for it.

Chances will be very high that you may fail, since execution involves a whole lot of other thing. But this first step which might lead to failure will make you stronger, you will learn many things a job might not be able to teach.

2. You Don’t Live With Regrets

Yes, it is true that there is no perfect age to start or end. Ending apart, what if one never started at all? Well, then you may live in regrets. Entrepreneurship doesn’t guarantee quick million dollars in your bank but if you try entrepreneurship atleast once, then you will not have any regrets.

Many brave hearts took to entrepreneurship, they failed, and now they have taken to what most people refer as normal life. But hey, these folks have tried, they failed, they have no regrets, and I very much believe they will strike back again with a new energy, with a new valour, and they will crush the odds that were against them the first time.

3. You Become Good In Many Many Things

This by far is one of the best reason to be an entrepreneur atleast once in your lifetime. Entrepreneurship makes you Jack of many, many, and many trades. Right from compliance, branding, marketing, customer acquisition, to even buying tissues for your office.

You will start feeling the pinch of most thing which otherwise you take for granted. Example – The simple water. When you st up a startup you may have to find out a water supplier and call them each time your 20 something liters water canister is about to dry up.

These small things at first will be extremely frustrating, you will wonder, Why the hell did I even take this up. But remember, these things will make you stronger, you will learn many things which your peers working out 5* tech parks may never be able to do.

4. While Most May Live In Fear, You Are Ready To Walk In Fire

Success or Failure, it depends on many factors. But one thing is clear, you no longer know what is fear. Even if you fail, you are always ready to walk in fire when you feel the time is right.

The moment you step into the world of entrepreneurship, you elevate yourself to a new world. This is the world where there is a lot of uncertainty, there will be problems at each step, be it from clients, competitors, at times even from your own employees, all these learning experiences will surely shape up the best in you.

There are several other reasons to be an entrepreneur, the list can go on and on. Many will speak for entrepreneurship, many will speak entrepreneurship, but one thing is clear a true dreamer and someone with a desire to do and achieve will speak for themself and when they speak the world will listen.

Sanjit Kumar Purve

Sanjit Kumar Purve is a Digital Consultant based out of Bangalore. He is an avid writer with expertise in Content Marketing, Facebook Marketing, and Instagram Marketing.