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8 Health Benefits Of Cookies That You Did Not Know

Cookies are one of the most cherished desserts which can either be enjoyed at breakfast or over a cup of evening tea. The crispiness and different amazing flavours of cookies make them a popular choice among the people but did you know that cookies can be healthy too? Yes, you heard us right! Ofcourse with some tweaks and alterations, cookies can surely benefit you in many ways.packed with fibre, natural sweeteners and nutritious grains, and baked with healthy baking oils, cookies have more than  one health benefits to our body. So, if you are looking for nourishment to keep you fit and active, these delicious energy filled snacks are one of the best options. Here are a few health benefits of cookies that will completely amaze you.

Help In Weight Loss: Eating cookies can help you loose weight. The daily activities that we perform require calories, and giving the right amount of calories to your body through cookies that is eating a few cookies a day help you keep a check on your calorie intake and also ensure that you do not eat too much food, and get energy and help reduce fat accumulation.

Add Energy: Cookies are packed with nutritous ingredients like sugar and carbohydrates that provide energy intake. Eating one or two cookies in the morning can help you start your day on a healthy note and provide you enough energy for a day where you need to perform a lot of daily activities.

Nutritive Value: Cookies do not not contain artificial preservatives, colours and sweetners. Eating cookies also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases to a very large extent. Cookies are also believed to be nutritious for kids and adulta who are diagnosed with common lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Rich In Protein: Cookies have rich protein content and helps develop muscles and new tissues. The metabolism of our body helps convert protein jnto energy and you can surely make up for lack of protein in your diet through the consumption of cookies.

Helps Improve Bone Health: Cookie dough is believed to have a moderate amount of potassium and eating cookies along with milk provides calcium as well as pottasium to your body which nourishes the bones. This delicious treat can also help in preventing osteoporosis thus contribute to developing healthy and strong bones.

Help Maintain Brain Health: The potassium in cookies can also help maintain the health of your brain. Pottasium help in carrying oxygen to the brain due to which the nerves work effectively that also contributes to proper functioning of the body and the mind.

Reduces Stress Levels: The presence of chocolate and sugar in cookies help reduce stress levels to a large extent. The cocoa present in chocolate releases an element that help reduce anxiety and stress.

Give A Sense Of Satisfaction: When you eat something sweet like a cookie, it makes you feel full. The carbohydrates in the cookie dough make you feel full almost instantly and give you a sense of joy and satisfaction and keep you happy throughout the day.

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