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Are Granite and Quartz Countertop Seams Really Invisible?

The short answer is no, any seam on a quartz or granite countertop will not be completely invisible. But a professional fabrication and installation can make them difficult to notice at a glance.

How Your Countertop Installation Hides the Appearance of Seams

Making Big Cuts with Your Granite or Quartz in Mind

The stone technician that enters the measurements into the robotic saw will avoid slicing through large veins or inclusions. Instead, the cut is made in a section of stone with minimal color changes for a better match.

Mixing Colors and Resin to Match the Stone

Once the cut countertop pieces are positioned at your Toledo or Perrysburg area home, the installation technician will mix the resin filler on-site. They will add a blend of tints and specks to mimic the look of your stone and introduce the mix into the seam.

Polishing the Seam for a Smooth to the Touch Finish

Once the filler is dry, the seam is polished. This completes the blending process of stone and resin.

Maintaining Reasonable Expectations

A piece of quartz or granite with a tight, speckled grain will hide seams better than an all-white or all-black surface with few variations in its surface. No seam will be completely invisible, but careful attention can produce impressive results.

Selecting Your Granite or Quartz for Larger Kitchen Designs

If your countertop project includes an expansive back bar or island longer than eight feet long, you may want to think about how a seam will look on the slabs of stone that you select. Most cuts are not made down the middle and then fitted together again. The seams often come from two separate slabs.

Working with a Countertop Fabricator Makes a Difference

If the placement of seams is of concern to you, buying your quartz countertops from a local supplier with its own fabrication shop can make all the difference. You can ask our technicians to show you exactly where the cuts will be made on your stone, so you can approve the location of the seams. This minimizes the chance of disappointment on installation day.

The Countertop Shop Produces Beautiful Quartz and Granite Countertops for Toledo Homeowners

Come visit our showroom at The Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH and work with knowledgeable stone artists prepared to help you select the surfaces best suited for minimal seams.

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