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Reasons to visit resorts near Jaipur when on a family vacation

Throughout the year, a large number of tourists travel to Jaipur since it is a popular tourist destination. The Pink City of India has a wealth of attractions, including spectacular landmarks, historic forts and palaces, museums, and vibrant retail districts. For summer vacations, you might look at the best resorts in Jaipur if, despite everything, your wanderlust remains unquenched. Choose this city as your destination if you are thinking about visiting Rajasthan for a holiday or if you want to experience life like a royal. Below, you’ll find details on the greatest resort close to Jaipur that you might have passed over but should stay at.

Why choose Pink Pearl Hotel & Fun City:

The Pink Pearl Hotel & Fun City is a resort in Jaipur situated 16 kilometres from the city centre on the Jaipur-Ajmer Expressway, next to a multi-commodity Special Economic Zone (SEZ) by Mahindra & Mahindra. In addition to offering guests cosy, stylish rooms to rest in, Pink Pearl also offers a variety of entertainment options to make their stay memorable and enjoyable. It is an excellent location for family trips, picnics, corporate gatherings, birthday parties, wedding receptions, events, and peaceful family gatherings.

They are a component of Chokhi Dhani Resort Jaipur. Since 1990, the Chokhi Dhani Group has become synonymous with hospitality inspired by Rajasthani villages. The 5-Star Chokhi Dhani Resort & Hotel in Jaipur has been welcoming both domestic and foreign tourists since December 1994. Chokhi Dhani Group has become a distinctive hospitality network under the direction of Chairman Mr Gul Vaswani and Managing Director Mr Subhash Vaswani as a result of its dedication to offering visitors a distinctive experience of Rajasthani culture.

Things you can do at Pink Pearl Hotel & Fun City:

  • Adventure park:

 This adventure park will provide a unique experience. They provide a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy an ideal playground in the trees, including families, outdoor and recreational lovers, and those looking for a unique experience. It all comes down to active involvement with and in nature. You may simply maximise your trip to Jaipur with the greatest views and opportunities for family time.

  • Army obstacles

 The army obstacle course will simply increase the adrenaline already there in your body. With a secure and dependable setup, it allows you and your children to experience the thrill and excitement of actual army hurdles. You may be certain that you will have a thrilling experience unlike any other.

  • Rides:

 Without rides, what is an adventure park? To guarantee nothing less than a fun-filled, truly spectacular experience, dedicated zones for very engaging and contemporary slides, pools, rides, and other amenities are tastefully arranged with brilliant colour schemes throughout. In addition to a long pool and a water slide pool, pink pearl water park Jaipur features a wave pool, a water dance zone, a tiny slide zone just for youngsters, and more. You may take part in such an exciting journey with your family and make the day full of excitement and great memories.

  • Water sports:

 Want to beat the summer heat while making memories to last a lifetime? The Pink Pearl Water Park is the best option in that case. Together with your loved one, you may easily fight the summer heat with a wave pool, lazy river, and rain dance. This waterpark, which is close to Jaipur, will provide you with the best thrills and amenities of water sports, making it a must-visit location.

  • Lockers:

 You will be provided with the greatest personal lockers at Pink Pearl Resorts so you can conveniently keep your priceless items safe at all times. To help you improve your experience, they provide each of their visitors with a personal locker since they realise that having fun may be ruined if you have to continually watch out for your belongings.

  • Yummy food:

Last but not least, what would a wonderful day be without tasty and lip-smacking food? Pink Pearl makes it its goal to provide you with only the greatest meals to go along with your eventful day. From children’s snacks to traditional Rajasthani dinners. The greatest food alternatives are yours to choose from.


Jaipur offers several attractions, including the well-known Pink Pearl Resort. This Amusement Park Jaipur is equipped with everything you and your family need to have a wonderful and exciting trip to the Pink City. Plus they will make every effort to provide you with a seamless and dependable experience with their services.

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