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What Are the Different Types of Fireplace Mantel Shelves?

Fireplace, warm suppliers aside, are terrific to consider. They measure up to their standing as the centerpiece of your area, if not your entire home. How you accessorize your fireplace, nonetheless, largely impacts the general appearance of your interior designs. This is the factor precision needed when you choose to fix up your fireplace, such as a fireplace mantel.

When deciding on Oak Mantel Shelf, there are lots of aspects to consider, beginning with the product. Below are four usual materials used and exactly how each of them is fair, both functionality and ornamental sensible.


Amongst the fireplace mantel shelves, wood kinds are the most usual. They function well in conventional-looking residences and blend well with almost any type of interior decorations. Wood mantels supply numerous choices when it involves enhancing. For instance, Oak, a premium kind of timber, is both sophisticated and functional.

Commonly wood mantels are economical. Its cost is one of its pieces de resistance. Also, pricey solid timber racks like those constructed from Oak don’t cost as much as those made of stone. Wooden mantels come in various timber types, including maple, cherry, Douglas, hemlock, alder, and want, among others. They are available in different finishes like black, troubled cherry, and primed. There are also incomplete timber fireplace mantels which are terrific for people that have yet to determine the most effective shade for their mantel to match their home insides.

Nonetheless, one major disadvantage for wooden mantels is that they are extremely combustible. If you’re thinking about a wooden mantel shelf, ensure that you seek advice from your regional building policeman and fire safety and security code division for the security policies, specifically on the wanted measurements allowed from wood material to your Fireplace Oak Beam.


Whether constructed from limestone, marble, or granite, Stone mantel shelves are wonderful for visual functions. Home contractors favor rocks simply since they give many choices as they can be found in various colors and textures. They are both beautiful and also functional. Furthermore, they can likewise be dealt with in a number of various methods supplying more varied options that will undoubtedly match any discerning taste. Moreover, it is fireproof and sturdy, making it the most effective material for a mantel rack. It is also reasonably low on upkeep. It normally just takes a soft cloth to wipe it clean.

On the other hand, stone mantel racks are usually much more costly than other alternatives. It can also be hard to install, making installation expenses higher than regular. For those who like stones but can’t afford them, less costly options will give you the same stone façade. You can purchase kits in many homes’ improvement stores or perhaps with online shops. They appear like the all-natural rock mantels; however, they are a lot easier and more affordable to install.

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